March 10, 2019

Top 5 Free Release Notes Tools

Release notes are documents generated along with software products. They are used to be managed by developers to update the development progress for the rest of the team. These days, they are also used as public documents to update their customers whenever there is a new feature released or a bug fixed.

Why would you need to publish your release notes?

  • Create a marketing channel to reach out to potential customers

  • Increase customer engagement by letting them know what we have done and what to expect

  • Increase trust by showing the consistency and speed of product development

  • Single source of truth for product announcements

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To help you determines the right tool for you to create release notes for your product, we've come up with a list of the best 5 release notes making tools.

Pricing: Free

  • Clean, simple and lightweight

  • Can also use for Docs, Blogs, etc

  • Embedded release notes into your site

  • Friendly with both tech and non-tech user

  • SEO friendly, so your audience can easily find your product on Google or Duck Duck go depends on how important they consider their data (jk!)

  • Support Markdown & Custom Domain

  • No need for installation

  • It's still in beta, therefore, it's still lacking integrations such as Google Drive, Dropbox, Slack, GitHub...

Pricing: starts at 14$/month with 14 days trial.

  • Simple, clean and easy to use content editing which allows you to create, edit, publish release notes

  • The content editor is divided into the different part so you can easily add new content according to their needs

  • All release notes will be updated on your personal page

  • Integrating with Slack so your team can update release notes directly from Slack

  • SEO Friendly

  • Editing experience is not good

Github Release Note function

Pricing: Free

  • Good fit if your team uses Github as the code management tool

  • Automate the process of creating release notes

  • Pure release notes used by the developer so it may not be good for SEO and Support

  • Not friendly with non-tech user


Pricing: Start from 29$/month, open source app

Ghost is not totally a release notes tool, it's open source content editor app which is curated for people who write a lot or for the company have a need of writing and publishing. Coincidently, those are what a release notes needs. So we can use Ghost as release notes manager.

  • Clean and simple content editor which is easy to use for both tech and non-tech people.

  • Have various features: SEO support, theme support..

  • Can be integrated via many third-party apps: Zapier,

  • Available in various platform: Application, web, mobile app

  • SEO friendly

Jira Release Note function

Pricing: come with Jira

  • If your team is using Jira as a project management tool then you can use function Release Notes of Jira to create release notes.

  • Good fit for the team using Jira

  • Automate creating release notes process

  • Not friendly with non-tech user

  • Not SEO-friendly BETA